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Winter Maintenance Tips For Different Types Of House Sidings

Your house’s sidings are exposed to the elements all day, every day, for all the years to come; it begets all that weathering & grimy appearance expected from age. And it doesn’t matter whether your sidings are top quality or economical, wood or vinyl; they will gradually deteriorate from exposure to countless seasonal cycles.

Winter is a force of nature that can wreak havoc on the beautiful exterior of your home even if the season is short, like in Wake Forest, NC. A bit of proactive siding maintenance won’t hurt your bank balance, but it will ensure your house’s exterior, namely the sidings, are restored to their former glory.

Raleigh Roofers have some helpful & simple siding maintenance tips for your winter home in Wake Forest.

Wood Siding Winter Care

Wood adds an organic & natural touch to the facade of your home, but it demands more care than vinyl. Despite its aesthetics, wood is prone to rotting and developing molds in some shielded parts of the sidings. How you can maintain & protect the wood siding through winters:

  1. Ensure your home has sufficient drainage for the roofing system and the landscape. Any constant leaks to the wood siding will cause rotting at the roof edges and the foundations.
  2. If you have painted over your wood sidings, look out for cracks and peels as they might also indicate rot. Have a professional evaluate whether the wood needs to be replaced or restored.
  3. Keep any sources of free or flammable materials away from the wooden sidings around your home.

Vinyl Siding Winter Care

A trendy material for economical sidings, albeit a low-maintenance one. Vinyl can suffer from UV damage due to sunny summers and deteriorate if not maintained. Here is how we suggest you go about caring for your sidings in the chilly months.

  1. Please, do not embark upon a vinyl siding installation in the winter months. The siding will contract and cause expansion buckling in summers.
  2. Avoid painting on sidings lest their warranties go void. For cleaning, hose them down using mild detergent and warm water.
  3. Always cover the house’s sidings if you are carrying out an outdoor project that involves pigments. The paints can stain the sidings, especially if they are a light shade.
  4. Avoid spraying pesticides or chemicals near vinyl sidings.

Fiber Cement Siding Care

It is among the most weather-resistant materials available for sidings. It is very low-maintenance, but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

  1. The fiber cement siding requires frequent repainting. The best temperature is around 50f and above to allow the paint to cure.
  2. You might need to check the caulking around the window frames, doors & roof trims to ensure no gaps.

In most cases, siding maintenance is best divided into summer for installations & washing, while early winters are for preventive care. Raleigh Roofers are your multitalented local experts in Wake Forest, NC.

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