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What A Damaged Roof Can Mean For Your Home

Key Takeaways:

  • Minor roof damage can lead to significant damages down the line.
  • A leaking roof can be the beginning of the end of a roof.
  • Maintaining your roof and catching destruction early can prevent these costly repairs.
  • Having a roofing company you can trust is crucial to keeping your roof in good condition.

Cracked, broken, and sagging are the three words that make every homeowner shiver when they think about their roof. The last thing any of us want is to replace our roof, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary. A bad roof entails more than just an unsightly addition to your home.

Before you get into extensive roofing repair and replacement costs, you first have to examine the severity of the damage. Your current damage often doesn’t qualify as a “bad roof,” whereas the opposite may also be true. To help ease out all these complexities, Raleigh Roofers are here to explain it all. So, how to know if you have a bad roof?

Signs of a Bad Roof

1. Leaks

You’ve heard this before, but leaks are often one of the first and most common signs of a bad roof. You can easily spot an active leak by looking for water stains on the wall or ceiling. Prepare for some roofing repair regime if you see leaks or any water damage before you find yourself in an emergency.

2. Damaged Shingles

Shingles keep the water and elements out. So, if they’re damaged, you know you have a problem. A physical inspection might come in handy to check for curled, cracked, or missing shingles. Don’t take the risk yourself – contact a roofing contractor to do it for you.

3. Moss or Algae Growth

The emotion of mossy dread should not be associated with your roof. But if you have moss or algae growth, it could be a sign that your roof requires repair. These growths hold moisture, which will speed up the deterioration of your roof and can spread quickly.

4. Loose or Missing Shingles

Unlike cracked and damaged shingles, missing shingles leave your roof more susceptible to foundational problems. The threat of your entire roof losing its integrity increases manifolds if you have several missing shingles. The individual blocks face the hazard of slipping and falling off, making your roof a safety hazard.

5. Dark Spots on Roofing Material

A roofing repair may come in handy if you notice dark spots on your roof. These spots indicate that the roofing material has started to rot and needs to be replaced before it becomes a bigger problem. Wood is more susceptible to decay, so if your roof is made of wood, you should look for signs of sagging or deterioration.

6. Excessive Energy Bills

One benefit of a good roof is that it helps you keep your energy bills in check. If your energy consumption increases without any change in usage, then there could be an issue with your roof that is making your home lose heat. To get a better idea, look for cracks or holes in your roof that can let heat escape. You should also look at the insulation to ensure it is not damaged.

How to Prevent Roof Damage

Since the beginning of time, our brethren have desired to prevent roof damage. The answer is not as complicated as it may seem.

1. Inspect your roof regularly for damage

If you didn’t guess until now, this includes inspecting your roof physically for any signs of damage or missing shingles so the problem can be dealt with before it becomes a bigger headache. If you don’t feel it’s safe, you can always hire a roofing company in Carrboro, NC.

2. Repair any leaks or cracks as soon as you find them

A minor sign, such as a drip from your ceiling, can be a telltale sign of a much larger problem. Don’t wait to fix it because the sooner you do, the less roof repair cost you’ll have to pay.

3. Keep trees and branches trimmed back from your roof

When nature begins encroaching on your top, it’s only a matter of time before severe damage is done. Be proactive and trim any trees or branches that are getting too close.

4. Install gutter guards

To keep the trash and other debris out of the gutters, hire a professional roofing company to install gutter guards. Such protection is mandatory in Carrboro, where you can get fined for not having them.

5. Replace missing or damaged shingles ASAP

If you know your thing around a roof, you can replace a few missing or damaged shingles. But your best bet is to opt for a professional roofer to do the job. Prompt and proper roof repair will save you from nuisance in the long run.

How Much Roofing Repair Cost

The answer depends on what kind of damage we are discussing. Roofing companies in Carrboro, NC, typically charge between $200 and $500 per square (100 SF). If you have severe damage, the repair cost could be higher. The critical point to stress here is that we can’t exactly give you a number unless the professionals inspect your roof’s condition and provide an estimate.

But, you don’t have to wait for your roof to start leaking or show other signs of damage before you call a contractor in. Proactive roof maintenance is always cheaper than roof repair.

Who To Trust for Roofing Repairs

To answer it in simple words: a reputable and licensed roofing contractor.

Unless the damage is significantly small, you should never try to repair your roof on your own, especially if you’re a newbie in the roofing world.

It’s always better – and safer! – to hand over the roofing repairs to a professional who knows what to do. From shingles replacement to fixing leaks, a roofing contractor will know how to deal with any problem.

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Whether your roof is old, worn out, or damaged in a storm, we have the experience to repair and remediate it from top to bottom. Get your free quote to get started now.