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Top Window Treatment Trends For 2022!

If you’re looking for window treatments, you might wonder about the current trends. Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, Raleigh Roofers will discuss the top window treatment trends for 2022. We will cover everything from modern to traditional! So, whether you want to restore your home or give your windows a new style, keep reading for ideas!

Trend 01: Multi-Functionality

Multi-functionality is one of the significant trends in window coverings this year. Window coverings that can do more than give privacy or block out the light are appealing to both homeowners and business owners. They desire window coverings that may be practical and aesthetic in the room.

Roller shades with built-in blackout lining or dual shades that give light filtering and a darkening room shade in one are two prominent examples of multi-functional window treatments.

Trend 02: Use of Smart Technology

Innovative technology is prevalent and one of the top window treatment trends in 2022. Smart technology includes anything controlled with a button, such as shutters that open and close automatically based on the sunlight.

This is a common trend among homeowners who wish to make their homes more energy-efficient. They may assist keep the temperature inside the house while lowering their energy cost by integrating innovative technology into their window coverings.

Trend 03: Simple or Minimalist Design

After years of maximalist design, the pendulum has swung back in favor of simplicity. This is especially noticeable in the window coverings, where basic, subtle designs are gaining popularity.

Roller shades, swiftly becoming the market’s best-selling window treatment, are an excellent example of a minimalist window solution. Their sleek modern appearance is in keeping with the minimalism trend.

Sheer shades, which allow natural light to pass through while giving privacy when required, are another popular option. These treatments’ gentle, flowing nature provides an exquisite minimalistic solution that fits effortlessly into the window and surrounding décor.

Trend 04: Use of Colors

While minimalism is popular, that doesn’t imply that homeowners and business owners should avoid bright colors and patterns. In reality, the exact opposite is true! There has been an increase in colorful and patterned window coverings this year.

Brightly colored and energy-efficient cellular honeycomb shades are notable examples of this trend.

It’s crucial to remember that, as appealing as following design and décor trends might be, color is the best method to convey your distinct individuality. Every designer will tell you that execution is everything regarding color.

If used correctly, colors ranging from dull gray to vivid orange may make a pleasant impression.

Trend 05: Addition of Texture

The texture is necessary for the impression your window treatment makes. Homeowners and business owners are increasingly seeking methods to add visual appeal to their windows, and texture is an excellent choice.

Typical examples of textured window coverings are Roman shades, roller shades with fascinating designs, and drapes with extra decorations like tassels or beads.

Windows are a necessary component of every house or workplace. It isn’t easy to know who to trust when installing new windows or replacing old ones in your home.

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