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Equipment For Inspection & DIY Repair Of A Clay Tile Roof

Before you can even think about repairing your clay tile roof, you need to inspect it for damage. Assuming everything looks good, you’ll need a few essential tools to make the repairs.

Raleigh Roofers will go over the equipment you’ll need for safe and efficient roof repair in this blog post. Remember that these are just general guidelines – always consult a professional if you’re not sure what to do. Happy DIY-ing!


You’ll need a ladder to get up on the roof in the first place. Make sure it’s tall enough to reach the highest point of the roof and that it’s in good condition with no loose parts.

Roofing Brush:

A roofing brush is an essential tool for cleaning the tiles and getting rid of debris.

Water Hose:

You’ll need a water hose to clean the roof and wet down the area before applying roofing cement or tar.

Inspection Mirror:

Once you’re up on the roof, you’ll need an inspection mirror to help you spot any damage. A regular handheld mirror will do the trick.

Roofing Hammer:

If you find any cracked or chipped tiles, you’ll need a roofing hammer to remove them. This type of hammer has a chisel on one side and a point on the other, making it perfect for removing old tiles without damaging the rest of the roof.

Roofing Trowel:

You’ll also need a roofing trowel to apply the mortar when you’re ready to install new tiles. This type of trowel has a curved blade perfect for scooping and spreading mortar.

Mortar Mixer:

If you’re mixing a lot of mortar, investing in an electric mortar mixer is worth investing. It would make your job quicker.

Pliers and Screwdriver:

You’ll need a screwdriver and a good pair of pliers to remove the old nails holding the tiles in place for DIY-ing roofing repairs.

Safety Gear:

Of course, you’ll also need to take some precautions to protect yourself while you’re working on the roof. Always use gloves, a dust mask, and eye protection when working with mortar or tile. It’s also a good idea to wear sturdy, non-slip shoes.

Hand Saw:

A hand saw is a must-have. You’ll need it to saw to cut through tile, wood, and other materials.

Roofing Cement and Tar:

These materials are used to seal any cracks or holes in the roof. Ensure you get the right kind of cement and tar for your particular type of roof.

Tile Replacement:

If you’re replacing any tiles, you’ll need to get the same type of tile as those already on your roof. It can be tricky, so it’s best to consult a professional.

Clay Roof Tiles:

Of course, you’ll need clay roof tiles if you’re repairing or replacing them! Again, make sure you get the same type of tile as on your roof.

This essential equipment will help make the repair process easier and safer for you, ensuring that the job is done correctly.

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