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Bug Infestations That Demand Siding Replacement!

Most homeownersare well aware of bug infestation. Insects, vermin, and other unwanted critters burrowing into the house can cause a loss of property value along with damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. In these cases, siding replacement for insect removal is often recommended as the first course of action.

Raleigh Roofers can help you clear the bug infestation at your home in Wake Forest, NC, through siding replacement – a smooth process that doesn’t involve chemicals like some DIY methods! 

What Are Some Common Household Insects?

Insects such as carpenter ants or termites eat wood from the inside out. They leave mile-long tunnels behind them as they chomp through your home’s structure, leaving it unstable and unsafe.

Sometimes these pests will even build nests in your walls unnoticed until a homeowner notices a foul smell coming from inside their home.

Why Is Siding Replacement Important To Get Rid Of Bug Infestation?

Once homeowners become aware of an insect problem, their first reaction is often to poison the insects themselves. However, this can be very dangerous to humans and pets who unknowingly crawl into a home with hidden bugs. Once these critters have made your house their home, it is much easier for them to spread to nearby places, making them harder to kill.

It also creates an unsafe environment where you cannot know if any more hidden infestations need removing (such as whole nests).

Once you start noticing termites in your wood siding, it is best to act fast. Termites can quickly turn a wooden home into nothing more than dust and splinters. However, before choosing the wrong removal method, you should always contact an exterminator about their process because they are trained professionals who know how to find out where precisely the bugs are feasting so that the destruction is kept to a minimum. This way, not only do they clear out your bug problem but also prevent it from spreading into neighboring houses (which might already be infected).

The same applies to carpenter ants. They are much easier to spot as they leave noticeable holes in the wood along with sawdust. If you think there might be a bug issue inside the house, call in an expert to check out your property before starting a removal project yourself.

The health risks associated with DIY pest control are dangerous. It is also ineffective and can lead to further problems down the road most of the time.

If you’re looking for a contractor for the siding replacement at your home in Wake Forest, NC, the experts at Raleigh Roofers will ensure your sidings are replaced, and the bug infestation is cleared out. We’ll help you get rid of the bugs and keep your home looking great. Get a free quote today to get started.