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6 Steps For Winterizing Your Gutters: How To Prepare Them For The Worst

The gutters are the unsung heroes of the house. They catch leaves, dirt, and other debris that fall from your roof. Plus, they keep rainwater from seeping into your basement or flooding your yard with water damage.

Unfortunately, gutters can be challenging to maintain during the winter months, which is why you must know how to prepare them before the season starts!

If you’re not sure what it takes, don’t worry! We have prepared a list of six different steps for gutter protection during the winter months.

1. Check for Clogs

It’s essential to check your gutters before winter hits to make sure there are no clogs that could cause them to back up when it starts snowing heavily.

If there is an issue, make sure you clear it as soon as possible, so water flows smoothly through gutters without freezing or backing up.

2. Remove Any Loose Debris

It’s always a good idea to clean gutters of all debris that might be loose. This includes leaves, branches, pine needles, and other natural particles that may have fallen into gutters during the fall season. These can become clogged if left in gutters for too long!

3. Clean Gutters

When gutters are dirty, they can quickly become clogged. If you don’t clean gutters every few weeks during the season of rain and snow, debris will eventually be unable to flow through your gutters with ease when it does start to accumulate.

To properly clean gutters safely, you will need to use a ladder and wear proper safety gear.

4. Make Sure Gutters are Properly Sealed

Gutters will be put to the test during the winter season. Snow, ice, and high winds can each lead to gutters coming loose or even tearing off of your home’s exterior if not secured well enough!

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure gutters are properly sealed.

5. Make Sure Gutters are in Good Condition

If the elements damage gutters during spring, don’t be afraid to replace them before winter comes.

A new gutter will continue to funnel rain properly and melt the snow away from your home’s exterior, as well as prevent damage such as mold or even rotted wood.

If gutters are in good condition, the work put into winterizing them will pay off by protecting your home’s exterior from water damage that could be very costly to repair.

6. Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are extremely helpful in preventing leaves and other debris from entering gutters while also breaking up the flow of rainwater.

Gutter guards will help keep out larger objects like acorns or even plastic that limit water flow and might cause more extensive problems with your gutter later on.

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